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Parties in 2020

We've been so excited to bring our party entertainment back after such a long time away! We've adapted the favourite themes and they're going down a storm!

Government guidelines still state you're allowed up to 6 from different households and up to 30 from two households (of which we do not apply as a household we're providing a service, but we do count as one of the 30) so can now accommodate up to 10 children for our party entertainment!

Choose from our arty party, circus, disco, pirate, superhero, magic, fairy, princess and unicorn! Unfortunately we are not yet able to provide our toddler parties due to the restrictions but all the other themes have been adjusted to make sure we are as safe as possible and with social distancing encouraged for all the children.

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned in between parties and any used are sorted individually so the children have their own set for use, throughout the event to avoid any cross contamination. Let us know what party style you'd love and we can let you know the details - we're also offering a discount due to the limited number of guests allowed.

Parties must still be held outdoors and in case of bad weather we offer a no fee transfer of date or refund if needed, to take as much pressure off you as possible.

What party are you going to choose?!

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