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3 young kids all under lock down.

It feels like it's been forever with the children indoors and finding new ways to keep them from destroying the house and constantly asking for more snacks seems like a mammoth task. We've done planting, rainbows for the window, garden games, water play, story writing, disco dancing, so many arts and crafts our walls are covered and we're still looking at quite a while before the schools can have them back. (I never realised how much I love and appreciate their teachers before!)

So what to do now?!

Here's what I'm trying! I'm obsessed with planners and having everything mapped out to avoid overwhelm, so I've timetabled my 7 year old's schooling planner in chunks we can just about manage whilst juggling the needs of a 2 and 4 year old at the same time. I've tried to find activities for the younger ones to keep them amused during any schooling but having worksheets and enabling my 7 year old to self study is the key... but it doesn't always work. That 'annoying orange' on YouTube is just too tempting! We've also structured up our days into garden time, play time, snack time, school time, breakfast/lunch/dinner time and everything in between. It works some days and others I just throw in the towel and let them all play at whatever they like - but their imagination has proved to be way better than mine! They're travelled to Disney World by virtual plane and gone on the rides through the marvel that is YouTube videos, we've watched Disney shows and had a whole day of Disney including packing our bags, making aeroplane tickets and passports and travelling up the stairs to the aeroplane. All organised by my 7 year old! (I got to be the air hostess, I'm not sure if that's a promotion or what).

In actual fact, the days I have nothing planned and let them play they all come up with the best games. Boats made from pillows, bug catching and viewing, superheroes (where the 2 year old always ends up cast as the villain, he does a mean evil cackle) and I'm at the point now where I enjoy these days way more than the structured planned ones.

So maybe it's time to take a deep breath and just let them be for a while. We're so lucky in all we have and that we're all still healthy, I'm think I'm going to just stop and let the extended 'holiday' commence. Plus, I've worked out which rooms I can send them all to when they argue and fight, so I'm all set for quiet time!

Good luck to everyone out there. We're all missing the entertaining world and birthday parties but are hopeful it will all be safe to return to some kind of 'normal' soon enough. We hope you're staying safe, and sane! Let us know what you've been up to.

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